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Principal office and address:
7-11 Allées des carrières
Segro Business Park - Bâtiment A-A1
93150 Le Blanc-Mesnil

Tel.: +33 7 60 22 04 66

Legal form: Societé par actions simplifiée
Company Registration Number:
Company Registered at:
VAT Registration Number: FR44804675668
Chamber Membership:
Applicable legal regulations: French Cormmercial Code
Supervisory Authority:

Corporate Purpose, an extract from the Articles of Association of NOVOMATIC Services FRA SAS, Article 2:

The purpose of the Company is:

  • Casino and recreational skills, the development and production of slot machines and casino equipment, the operation of « Live Game » casinos, slot machines, bingo games and international betting agencies;

  • The commerce, production, repair, putting into place and rental of automatic machines operated by the introduction of money of all types, including recreational game automats;

  • Purchase, sale, representation, import and export of equipment, materials and accessories for game rooms, circles, casinos and, more generally, for all public or private entertainment facilities approved by a certified public authority;

  • Care, maintenance, control and verification of the equipment and materials used for the above mentioned games on behalf of all public or private entity approved by a certified public authority;

  • Creation, installation, lease, exploitation in all its forms, purchase and sale of all buildings, facilities, materials and accessories related to the same purpose or likely to facilitate such purpose;

  • Study, research, purchase, concession and exploitation in all its forms of all new technologies, models and brands which may relate to the above mentioned activities;

  • Direct or indirect participation of the Company in all operations relating to the corporate purpose of the Company, by way of creating new companies, contribution, subscription of shares or acquisition of shares or rights, mergers of partnerships, joint ventures, economic interest groups or otherwise and, more generally, any commercial, financial, industrial or real estate activities directly or indirectly related to the purpose of the Company or a similar or related purpose, or likely to facilitate, extend or develop such purpose.

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