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Octavian’s modular casino management system ACP can be ideally adapted to the requirements of both the operator and pertaining regulations. The system’s ‘add-on’ functions include Profit Calculation, Floor Monitoring, TITO, Cashless, Player Loyalty as well as Player Tracking.


Accounting Control Progressives System - ACP

The basic ACP modules completely and ideally fulfil the legal requirements of most international jurisdictions: all gaming machines of one operation are linked to a local floor server which is then linked to a central server where the operator benefits from comprehensive real-time financial and technical audits, centralised accounting as well as active floor management. Finally, this central server can be linked to government-controlled servers.

ACP is backed by Octavian’s huge practical experience, comprising more than 20,000 gaming machines that are connected to the ACP system in various countries and continents. It runs on a highly protected internet connection based on secure firewall and encryption, uses a highly secure data transfer protocol, provides a full information back-up of the database and offers the possibility of automated data storage.

Basic Modules:

ACP - Accounting Control Progressives

ACCOUNTING - Gaming Floor Administration and Control:

  • Quick and accurate accounting
  • Cash reporting
  • Real-time online control and management
  • Controls of internal and external audit
  • Various restricted access levels
  • Detailed record of activities and events
  • Notification of unauthorized events
  • High flexibility

CONTROL - Analysis of the Machine Performance:

  • Preventive control of hardware maintenance.
  • Warning system for malfunctioning of devices and machines.
  • Reduction of response time from the technical department in respect of fault in the hardware.
  • Compatible with any type of machine:
       - with SAS Protocol, versions 2.83-6.02
        - with ASP-5000
        - with X-Series Protocol
        - with mechanical meters

PROGRESSIVES - Administration and Management for various Jackpots:

  • Generates, administers and manages various Jackpots for any type of
  • machine, regardless of manufacturer
  • Creates Progressive, Mystery and Lucky Chance Jackpots.
  • Accepts configurations of multi-level pools
  • Enables the automatic payment of prizes
  • Facilitates the set-up of non-conventional prizes such as obtaining
  • services of the gaming floor, among others

Additional Modules:


Module for the automatic collection and payment by means of highly secure personalized magnetic cards.

  • Maximizes the profitability of the gaming floor by up to 15%*.
  • Speeds up the processes by eliminating the logistics of collection, storage and counting of tickets and chips.
  • Reduces costs for hardware maintenance and repair processes since it eliminates the use of bill acceptors, hoppers and printers.
  • Credit upload via special terminals or through floor staff.
  • Excellent price-quality ratio.
  • Player can use his/her card as means of payment for other services offered by the operator**.

*   Based on statistics from different customers.
** Requires integration with the system.


Automatic payment module using tickets.

  • Completely eliminates the use of hoppers as well as the costs and down time for their maintenance
  • Speeds up interaction between player and machine
  • Supports promotional tickets
  • Increased security and control of gaming floor
  • Easy installation and maintenance
  • Works with all types of TITO compatible machines


Monitoring module for all monetary transactions within a gaming venue in a fully parametrical approach that allows adaptation to specific operating procedures

  • Management of all financial transactions from all stations within the casino (cash, chips, checks, foreign currency, etc.)
  • Classification of transactions by account (i.e. tables, slots, marketing) and sub-account (i.e. table, employee, player, etc.)
  • Auditing of financial transactions (consolidation reports, exception reports, etc.)
  • Reduction and control of errors through a system of authorization and validation of the operations


Powerful data and events visualization

  • Tracks gaming machine status online
  • Delivers critical events in real-time
  • Creates visualization of performance and events with user-friendly floor plans (hot and cold floor Areas)


WAP (Wide Area Progressives) or Wide Area Jackpots

  • Manages accumulated prizes: progressive or mysterious
  • One or more levels can be assigned or combined with other local levels
  •  Maximizes performance and encourages community play
  • Optimizes play time and increases the average bet
  • Generates daily reports with the accumulated jackpot amount as well as accreditations and contributions per machine


Self-Service Player Loyalty Terminal developed to optimize communication and player experience. Fully integrated with the ACP system, it enables players to manage their account.

plus further modules... (for details please download the ACP product brochure)


International Sales:

NOVOMATIC Gaming Industries GmbH
Willem Loerakker
Tel.: + 43 2252 606 870443

Sales Latin America:

Fabian Grous
Tel.: + 54 11 4383 4131

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